The Ins And Outs Of Using The IPad

Almost everyone will tell you that an iPad is a useful, fun and interesting piece of technology. Learning all you can about it is the best way for you to maximize the experience you have with it. Read this piece to find out how useful an iPad is.

Stay aware of the amount of money you are paying for the iPad apps that you download. There are many, many helpful apps and it is easy to go overboard. Because of this, ensure that you don’t spend more than you have.

Did you accidentally start a noisy app? Here is how to mute volume quickly: Press and hold the volume button. Your sound will be turned off fast. Alternately, you could configure the button labeled LOCK ORIENTATION to use instead of the mute button.

The iPad shows the first two lines of an email by deafult. This can often help to see content before opening the email. Go to the Settings and then tap on Mail. Under the mail menu, choose Contacts, and then Calender. Change the Preview options for mail to More Lines.

You need not press the camera roll icon to see a video or picture you take. Just do a one-finger swipe to see your photo or video. You can look at previous pictures by going left.

Want a manual for your iPad? You’ll have to download it. Apple, following a minimalist approach, don’t include a user manual with their iPad.

If you do not have much time, do not use your iPhone’s charger to charge your iPad. The wattage on the two devices is different. If you try to use an iPhone charger, you’ll have to wait a very long time for it to fully charge. This is why the charger that comes with the iPad is the best to use.

Would you rather use something other than Google for a default search engine? You can access this by selecting Safari from the settings menu and then hitting search engine. You can use any search engine you like, such as Yahoo or Bing. You don’t have to use Google if you don’t wish.

Apple iPad manuals only come in electronic form. Apple changed to a downloadable version to stay green.

Do you want the option of finding your own iPad if you have lost it? Visit Settings and then iCloud. There, place in your ID. Look then to the bottom area of the page to turn on “Find My iPad.” If you ever lose the device, just go to

Getting a sound alert every time you receive an email can be very annoying. You can get rid of these alerts. Go to the settings and tap on general. Select “Sounds” under this tab. Then you can change the volume or even turn off the sound for new mail.

It is easy to quickly mute your iPad. The original iPads did not have a mute button. Prior to iOS 4.3 you had to use the lock switch to mute the sound or lock your iPad’s orientation. Hold down the volume-down button to mute your iPad.

Do you feel distracted by seeing the battery charge percent icon on your iPad screen? You can easily turn it off if you like. Go to Settings. Select General and then Usage. Here, you can turn off the display for battery usage easily.

There is a quick way to access your apps that are running. All you have to do is double click your home button, and they will appear instantly at the bottom of whatever screen you are on. This single trick is a great way to save time as opposed to needing to scroll through every screen.

Search Engine

You can copy and paste text on your iPad. Whatever text that you hope to cut and paste should be tapped and then held. Then choose select to pick the particular sentence that you want. Tap again once your text is highlighted in yellow, and choose copy. To paste the text, tap the screen, holding your finger down until option to paste appears. Tap on ‘paste’ and your text should appear!

If you want a search engine other than Google, you can have that. Go to the Settings menu, choose Safari and then choose Search Engine. This lets you change to Yahoo or Bing.

In order to extend your iPad’s battery life, turn on the auto-brightness feature. The iPad has a convenient feature to adjust the device’s brightness depending on the lighting conditions of the environment it is in. This will control the power being drawn from the battery by the screen, and you’ll be able to use the iPad for longer periods before having to charge it. This setting can be located in the section labeled “Brightness & Wallpaper”.

Lots of people know about the iTunes store, but some may not understand its full capability. One of the more interesting is iTunes U, or iTunes University. There are many educational podcasts and you can learn a lot.

Manage your notifications. If you use many apps, chances are they are often popping up or alerting you with sound. Go to Settings/Notifications to control them. You can use this to manage the different applications and turn off the alerts for those that aren’t needed. Therefore, all your notifications will be the ones that are the most important.

You might never use all of the apps on your iPad. Sadly, many can’t be deleted. Create a folder for these apps and place it toward the bottom of your home screen. Place the apps you use the most where you will be able to access them quickly.

Are you unhappy with the Google search engine on your iPad? Simply try selecting a different search engine. Visit your Settings menu and choose Safari. Then select Search Engine. Pick which search engine you desire. You can use Yahoo or Bing instead.

Use tabs to multitask when you use the browser. You don’t need to leave your current website to just follow a link. If you hold the link you want, rather than the usual tapping, you are going to get a menu with options. Select “Open Link in New Tab” and you’ll be able to go back whenever you wish.

The calendar function does not allow you to navigate from one day to the next by swiping. To look at a certain date, try using the navigation bar that is near the bottom of your screen. The day it currently is will be blue, so you should be able to find it easily.

You can enjoy music through iTunes on the iPad. You do not have to log in to your iTunes account and re-download every last song. Just allow “Home Sharing” on the iPad and iTunes. On your iPad, open the music application and click Shared. The next step is to enjoy your tunes!

Did you know you can connect your TV to your iPad? This can be done through a special adapter. You want an Apple VGA adapter or a digital AV adapter. Either will work for your purposes.

Take control over all of your notifications. When you have many apps, you will be annoyed by all the notifications. Go to Settings, then Notifications. This can help you manage the apps that alert you and turn off those which you do not need alerts from. This allows you to restrain the alerts to only the most important apps.

It’s not always convenient to use the keyboard on your iPad, and you do not have to! If you’re like many people, typing on a tiny keyboard is hard on your eyes and inefficient for your fingers. Any Bluetooth keyboard will work perfectly. This will enable you to type freely as you would with a laptop.

Do you get tired eyes from reading books on your tablet? Try dimming the screen. You can access your brightness settings by going to the settings menu, or in the app itself.

It’s pretty simple to copy text. You’ll need to double tap the keyword. It can be difficult to copy an entire paragraph using that method. Tap the editable text you have chosen 4 times and the entire paragraph will be copied. This works for all forms of text.

Swiping is not the way to move within days on the calendar function. Instead, you need to utilize the iPad’s navigation bar, which is situated near the bottom of your screen. The date you are looking at now is highlighted in blue for easy reference.

You should make sure, should you lose the iPad, you can use the “Find My iPad” app. It will allow you to track your iPad to wherever it is located and you can also delete whatever you want from a location that’s remote. You might think it is a hassle, but it can help you recover a lost iPad.

Have you ever thought about connecting an iPad to a TV so you can watch your favorite videos on a big screen? You will need a special adapter, though. You can use a VGA Apple adapter or also a digital AV adapter. You can do this with both.

When you are browsing with Safari, the top of the title window can be clicked to go to the beginning of any page. Often people scroll up, but that is a time-consuming process. If you just tap, you will save a lot of time.

Protect your children if they use your iPad to access the Internet. You can access restrictions from the general settings. You can enable the restrictions here. This setting blocks content that is rated too mature for their age. Adult content in videos, websites and shows will be restricted.

The iPad can sync up with any Apple Television. You can make anything appear on the TV in mere seconds, may it be a slideshow or video, by using the Airplay icon on the iPad.

You should turn on the iPad finding feature in case you lose your iPad. This feature allows you to determine your iPad’s current location and do a remote wipe of confidential information. This may be kind of a hassle, but it’s something you’ll be happy for if the iPad gets lost.

You may want an iPad-compatible external keyboard. If you plan on typing on your iPad a lot, you could save a lot of time by getting one of these keyboards. External keyboards offer a wireless connection and are much simpler to use than your iPad’s onscreen keyboard.

Podcasts can be shared with others without any difficulty. You can share one you are currently listening to without having to stop it. Just click the button for email as the podcast plays. You will get the chance to choose the receivers and you will be able to send it right away.

Do you get tired of having to scroll back to the top of a webpage when surfing using your iPad? Just click on the bar at the top to quickly go up to the top again. This tip will work with some other apps also.

The iPad is rather resistant but you should do your best to avoid exposing it to water. Don’t use it in any humid locations, and never enter the bathtub with it. This is the quickest and easiest way to damage it.

The iPad is revolutionary and very user-friendly. Your iPad only has one button besides the touch screen. Using your iPad doesn’t require a great deal of reading. Simply click around to discover all its nifty functions and features. You will be surprised how intuitive it is.

You don’t need an extra machine for downloading pictures from your camera onto your iPad. Just remove the SD card from your camera and insert it directly into the SD-card reader on the iPad. The iPad sees the storage device, and you can pull the photographs off it.

You can set parental controls if you let the whole family use the iPad. The general settings menu should have an option called “Enable Restrictions”. Turning this on will block adult content. It is still important for you to supervise your child while they are online.

People who own an iPad can tell you how wonderful it is, saving them time and providing them with entertainment. When you want to use it to its fullest extent, you have to do some research. Consider the article, and you will know what you must do to get the most out the iPad.

You can plug your iPad into the wall with an outlet adapter, but that is not your only option. You can also charge it from a USB device. This mean that while you’re on the go, you can recharge your iPad with your netbook or laptop.

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